Before we began 2019, our Director, Gary Powell, termed the phrase “New Beginnings” for the upcoming year. Indeed, as we looked into the opportunities that lie ahead, there were many new beginnings on the horizon. This week we wanted to share with you a big step that was taken in the past month. The Advisory board from the La Casa de mi Padre merged with the My Father’s House International board, our 501(c)(3) identity in the United States.

Over the years, the My Father’s House board, chaired by Dr. Aubrey Knight, has served to provide a channel for funding and accountability. The La Casa de mi Padre board oversaw the on-the-ground operations of the foundation. Throughout the years, the La Casa de mi Padre board grew to include several from the United States who had specific skills needed to help provide counsel and direction. But with two different groups serving within the US, it sometimes became confusing. So, with prayer, counsel and lots of discussion, it was decided to merge the two groups represented in the US to clear up any confusion as to governance and responsibility.

We are grateful for a board with amazing hearts, abilities and wisdom. We look forward to watching the ministry grow and better serve the children and families we have the privilege of working alongside. We are hopeful that the end result will be that friends of the ministry will be able to stay informed on a consistent basis and more quickly thanked. We are hopeful that the staff of La Casa will feel supported with people and resources to assist in planning. Finally, we are hopeful that the structure provides a foundation for continued growth and sustainability of the ministry.

Join us in thanking our new board officers, members of the board and the various committee members. There is so much opportunity ahead of us!