This month of friendship and love has seemed to pass so quickly. Celebrating those in life we appreciate makes time fly!

We currently have 27 “Valentines” under our care In La Casa, 12 of which are new children who have also needed a family, a home and a safe place to heal and grow. We truly love each of them and have the desire to provide the best care and family environment for each to move past the abuse they have experienced and blossom into the children God created and desires them to be . . . and that’s where we need your help. Your decision to become a “friend” and sponsor a child makes all the difference in the world to a child.

As we have promoted our “Be a Friend” Sponsorship Program, we have received some questions from you. Here is an attempt to answer some of those questions:

1). For what is the $40 we send each month used? Every penny we receive through the “Be a Friend” Sponsorship Program goes towards providing care for the children, including food, clothing and shoes, schooling, transportation, counseling, and recreation.

2). What does “Be a Friend” actually mean? When you become a friend, you choose to join with others to ensure that we have the financial resources to care for each child as they journey towards healing. You’ll receive quarterly updates and prayer requests so that you stay current with what is going on in their lives and can be praying for that child. We invite you to write back and let them know what is happening in your life. Your letters can be a real encouragement to the child!

3). So how do I get started? Because we need to keep a track of information shared about a child, contact us at to receive a link to our sponsorship site and you can begin your journey of sponsoring a child today!


We appreciate our FRIENDS who make a difference in the most vulnerable of children’s lives!