2020 has brought many unexpected twist and turns, including a record year for rainfall. El Salvador has a rainy season and a dry season, the rainy season running from May through October. This year, the rains have extended on into November. Tropical storms Amanda and Cristobal left a trail of flooding, landslides and damage that is still being cleaned up in June. Normal rains have continued along with rain brought by Hurricane Eta and Iota.

As a National Emergency was declared upon the arrival of rains from Hurricane Iota that wreaked havoc through Nicaragua and Honduras, our family program team visited some of the families we work with to offer help. Upon the arrival to Graciela’s grandmother’s home, who lives in a coastal area, they learned that she had been asked to evacuate, so they jumped in to help her pack her things and get her to safety. Graciela went along for the visit and jumped right in to help out her grandmother.

Afterwards, they visited another family hard hit by the lockdowns this year that has left them unable to pay rent this year. They were able to help them put plastic over the roof to cover up the large holes that allowed rain to flow in freely hoping to avoid flooding in the home.

Our Family Program seeks to find family members of the children we serve and work towards reunification whenever possible. Our goal is to walk alongside the families to provide support so that they can dream again and find hope.  Join us in praying for the families we work alongside.