This week, we celebrate Valentine’s Day.  It is often referred to as “Friendship Day” here in El Salvador.  The friendships of children are often different than friendships shared by adults. Right?  Kids can just be themselves with each other. They love freely, share openly and forgive so easily.  We’d like to share some of the special friendships that have formed over the years here at La Casa.

True friendships also cannot be broken. They remain even when friends are separated. This is the case for Juan and Misael. When Juan was told that Gerardo and Sandra would be leaving, he sobbed.  He was afraid that he would not see Misael again. His best friend and soulmate since he was very small has been Misael, Gerardo and Sandra’s son. They had grown up together, just as if they were brothers. They understand each other, and Misael has always looked after Juan like a big brother.

Misael y Juan babies

Ericka and Aby, who are always together, were asked “Who is your best friend?” They responded at the exact same time, “We are!”  When asked, “Why?”, again they responded in unison, “because God made us sisters!”  It is so sweet to look through photo albums in La Casa and observe how they have always been so close.  They protect each other, share with each other, and always plan mischief together!

Ericka y Aby

Silvia came to La Casa ten years ago, a very shy girl.  She didn’t expect to meet who would become her best friend, Daniela, a very smiling and outgoing girl. However, since that first day, they have been inseparable. Daniela’s enthusiasm and friendliness has helped Silvia become more social and independent.  Silvia’s calmness and cautiousness has helped Dany to be less impulsive.  Silvia sweetly shared, “Daniela has always helped me smile in life, even when times are tough.  We have been each other’s shoulder to cry on.”  Dany has mutual affirmations about Silvia as she shared, “Together, we have met the Lord. It has helped me very much to know someone who has had the same difficulties as I have in life.”


Friendship has played an important role in the emotional healing process of our children.  Friendship is priceless!

“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.”  Proverbs 17:17

By Diana de Rodriguez

Edited by Sharon Powell