The Bridge

The Bridge is a program for young adults who have aged out of care in the Child Protective System. In El Salvador, children age out of children’s homes at the age of 18, but we believe it is important to support our young adults as they finish their studies and transition into independent life. Whether it be finishing high school, getting a college degree or vocational training, our desire is to help each young person to reach his or her full potential.

We own a large home that was donated to us where the young adults reside. The home operates much like a dorm setting in the United States where a residential assistant lives in the home and serves to guide and support the young adults in decision-making, independent life skills, and the development of interpersonal relationships. Our young adults learn to plan and cook their meals, manage their money, ride public transportation, do their own laundry, and take care of the home while studying and/or working. Each young adult is expected to acquire either an internship or part-time work within the first year of graduating from high school. Our desire is to help prepare them academically and/or vocationally, emotionally and spiritually to step out into independence successfully.


One of the purposes of our transition program, The Bridge, is to provide resources for young adults to mature and grow in an environment that nurtures the faith and values they learned in La Casa de mi Padre. It is a continuing on….towards independence. And one of the ways of continuing on is through education. Casa de mi Padre believes that education is one of the key elements in breaking chains of the poverty and being able to sustain an independent life.