God clearly showed La Casa de mi Padre the importance of family over the years.  We learned early on that most children in El Salvador grow up without a father figure present in their life; and we wanted Godly, father figures to be part of every day life at La Casa.  In 2006, Gerardo and Sandra Lemus became our first house parents. They were originally house parents for all 40+ children; they were brave souls.  Within time, they became the house parents for our boys’ home.

Being a parent is not easy, and being a parent to hurting children is even more difficult.  But with God’s grace, mercy, and wisdom, Gerardo and Sandra have given their ALL for our boys. The demand is great, the hours long, and the emotion overwhelming.

Dedication and flexibility are two words that definitely describe this couple. They’ve sacrificed their own family at times, leaving their own family at night to take a sick child to the doctor, manage a crisis, or even drive miles to be with a hurting family. It seems far too simple to reduce their time to a few examples, but Sandra probably enjoyed baking with the boys most of all.  She was also the one who encouraged them to do their homework, which is not an easy task for a whole clan of boys who would much rather be playing soccer.  Gerardo would probably say his favorite times were taking the boys to the market and finding a small place to enjoy a soda and chatting about life, table counseling!

Most of our boys are now adolescents.   Gerardo and Sandra have walked with them through times of celebration, times of mere pain, times of relaxing, and times of getting down to serious matters. Their care and love have sown seeds in the lives of the boys, some have grown to fruition and others hold the promise to sprout and grow in years to come.  They have been willing to bend, be taught through life’s trials, all while constantly seeking His will.

As 2012 closed, the Lemus’s felt God’s hand and quiet voice whisper that it is time to hand over the baton to a new couple.  We want to celebrate their dedication and love they’ve given over the past seven years.  As we reflect, we hope you enjoy some photos that capture the action behind their faith.


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