A previous blog was about funny things our kids say.  They are so humble and innocent and see the world from a very different perspective, so we decided to share some of those moments with you.

While talking to one of our kids about discipline, he said:

“Sometimes I don’t like going to school because they give us a lot of work and then don’t even pay us,” Agustin, 12 years old.

“I don’t know how our ‘tias’ know everything; I think they have eyes in the back of their heads”. Rosita, 10 years old.

I asked Claudia how her slumber party went over the weekend and she said,

“Don’t worry if you go to a slumber party, just make sure you are not the first one to fall asleep,” Claudia, 10 years old.

I asked two of our girls to sing a song in a video.  Graciela (12 years old), not wanting to be alone, said, “Aby, let’s do it together because everything is more fun with a friend.”

I hope you enjoyed these little moments as much as I did and can see God’s humor in the little things.

Have a blessed week!

By Diana de Rodriguez

Edited by Katelyn Powell