In our mission statement, one of the key words is “educate”.  That can cover a lot of territory.  Not only does it imply academics but many other day-to-day life skills, along with teaching morals and values.  As webegan planning activities for our children’s summer vacation, we wanted to include something that would help teach the value of serving.

Our children have been going to another children’s home for individuals with special needs two days a week to volunteer this month.  Our hopes have been they would learn the value of serving others while taking the focus off of the “woe is me because all that has happened in my life” feeling that can cripple their ability to move forward at times.  The children are helping in the home by coloring and doing other fine motor activities with the children, participating in giving play dough massages (a form of tactile stimulation), and folding clothes in the laundry area.

Our children have been blessed with healthy bodies, but the biggest challenge in our ministry is helping to heal their hearts.  When our children have the opportunity to help others, they open their hearts to God’s love.  They feel a glimpse of the true love as God uses them to bless others.  They are also feeling useful and valued in doing so. 

The impact has been great.  Let us share with you a few things that some of our children have said:

 “I am now thinking I might want to study special education.  I didn’t know that it was such a blessing to help others,” shared Dina.

 “Sometimes, we think only bad things happen to us, but I am realizing that is not the case.  I have been praying a lot for these children,” shared Oscar from his heart.

 “God loves me so much by allowing me to live in La Casa.  I need to share that love with others,” commented Estrella.

 Service has brought out some thankful hearts amongst us this month.  We are also thankful for your support and prayers each and every day.  We want to wish each of you a very thankful Thanksgiving Day too!

By Diana Chavez

Edited by Sharon Powell