During this special season of Christmas, most of us look forward to spending time with family, thinking about the special foods we may enjoy together and even the exchanging of gifts. It is usually a very joyous time shared around the world as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

We gathered together with staff, children and  biological family members to share together. We enjoyed a fun time and shared a traditional food called “panes con pavo”, a turkey sandwich stuffed with many vegetables, cole slaw and topped with a tomato based sauce. It is delicious!  But along with the fun and food, it brought tears to our eyes as we looked at how our large pavilion area almost didn’t hold everyone this year. Our family has grown this year, and seeing everyone together reminded us of the work God has called us to and has grown over the years.


In the afternoon, our staff and children switched to serving. Years ago, we began a tradition that has been passed down from year to year . . . that of celebrating with our neighbors around the farm. We invited those who lived around us to a small celebration, sharing some fun time with games, skits telling the Christmas story, sharing a snack, piñatas and a small gift was given to each child.

This day each year has grown even more special through the years. Thanks to GlobalX, My Father’’s House International and local volunteers and donors, we were able to continue this tradition that has become very special to our neighbors. Almost 700 of our neighbors attended!

Our whole staff participated in serving in some way. Our young adults from the Bridge program planned fair games, others helped to serve “pupusas” and pour drinks, others cranked fair rides, others helped with crafts, others helped with logistics, others helped to share the Christmas story, but we all had a place to serve.

This special team not only raised funds for the party, they visited with the widows in our community, wrapped hundreds of gifts to ensure that every child received a gift, filled candy bags, decorated, planned crafts and brought a lot of energy and joy. Without them, we would never have been able to share this time with our families and neighbors.

Take a look at this special day we shared with families, co-workers, partners and neighbors. May the pictures bring a smile to your face and warm your heart.

We wish each you very Merry Christmas! May you feel the infinite love of our Saviour as we celebrate His birth.