Family Environment

Family Environment

We are committed to modeling a Christ- centered family for each child entrusted to us. In La Finca, children live in settings where a mom and dad (and their biological children) serve as family role models and welcome the children into their home for whatever period of time deemed necessary by the court system.

Each home does life together- work and play- and serves in a local church as a family unit. There are no more than six to eight children living in each home so that we can provide an environment of love, security, hope and encouragement while working back with biological families to bring about restoration and reunification if at all possible.

Children are provided with shelter, food, clothing, an education that best meets their individual needs, and counseling while working back with their biological family.

Working with the biological family to identify the root cause of separation and then working with the family to find the appropriate resources and counseling to set them on a new and different course for the future is an emphasis of our program. La Casa de mi Padre focuses on the restoration and reunification of families when at all possible. When family reunification is not possible or safe for the child, La Casa de mi Padre provides the child a secure, stable and loving family in which to grow and transition into young adults.

We seek to surround the foster family units with the support they need to care for the children and remain healthy family units. Regular, ongoing training is also provided for staff to ensure that the care we give is based on best practices and a knowledge of working with children who have experienced trauma.

Home Life


Our team’s desire is to live and share Christ daily so that each child may know His love and healing. Our focus is modeling a family through a foster home environment. Each home consists of a dad and mom, their biological children and the children they serve. Our houseparents are provided with a monthly budget to provide all the needs within the home while La Casa support staff are there to provide the support needed for the houseparents to be able to fulfill their roles in a healthy manner.


La Casa de mi Padre provides Christ-centered individual and group counseling to help heal the deep wounds in hearts. Individual sessions help the child address the trauma they have experienced and group sessions help the children learn how to live together in a healthy way.

Counseling extends out for all our staff. Our staff is trained on an ongoing basis to be life coaches as they interact with our kids hour by hour.



Children come to us with varying educational backgrounds. Some have never been enrolled in school, or started and dropped out. We provide an on-site schooling program which provides small group instruction while identifying each child’s strengths and weaknesses and working to fill in learning gaps. Our desire is for each child to engage in the learning process so that they are able to reach their full potential.

Family Program

La Casa de mi Padre attempts to break generational patterns of abuse and abandonment through its family counseling program. Families visit our homes monthly and participate in child care classes, literacy classes and group and individual counseling sessions. We share conversations, recreational activities and a meal together as we model family life.

Our social workers and psychologists dedicate time weekly to making family visits to monitor progress of the Family Intervention Plan created with each family. By working with families, we have a better chance of breaking negative generational patterns and increasing opportunities for more positive family interactions and futures.