This past week, we celebrated Valentines Day. Here in El Salvador, this special day is also known as Friendship Day. This day is a day to celebrate because “true friends are truly hard to find.”

As we stop and count our friends, we are indeed grateful. We can love deeper and go farther faster all because of friends. So, who are our friends? I bet many of you find yourself amongst this list: churches, schools, volunteers, businesses who donate in-kind goods or offer reduced prices, teams, individuals, donors, and child sponsors. They are people who stop to help when a van or truck breaks down or gets stuck. They are a doctor who will see a sick child at a very odd time of the day or night and not even charge. They are a dentist who opens his clinic on a Saturday morning just to see our children.There are board members, advisors, and those who share their expertise with us. They are young and middle aged and old, male and female.  


Our friends hang with us. They know us. They partner with us and get to know us. They pray big, often bigger than we can pray for ourselves. They believe in us- our staff, the children, their families and our neighbors. They celebrate successes and cheer us on when life is difficult. They come alongside when there is a need. They give of themselves freely for the good of the children and families we serve. They love in deep and big ways…sacrificially.

We are indeed grateful for every friend God has given us. Thank you for being a part of La Casa de mi Padre! We are better because of YOU!  

If you’d like to know how to be a friend, contact us at