On Thanksgiving Day, two of our young adults, Francisco and Samuel, walked across stage and graduated from high school.   Both of these young men have been a part of our family at La Casa for over ten years.

With much joy, we watched Francisco receive first place in academics in his class.  He is very organized and never gives up.  Without a doubt, his hard work helped him achieve this award.  Samuel was not left far behind, as he took third place in his class.  Between the crowd applauses, he, too, received a medal.

We know that their graduation is not the end, but the beginning of a new exciting stage on their lives.  Francisco desires to study aeronautical mechanics while Samuel wants to study languages.  They are already beginning to prepare to be a part of the working world.  Francisco hopes to begin a job at the airport while Samuel is considering a job offer from a local call center.

During the graduation ceremony, family members gave the graduates a candle to signify God’s light in their life.  Francisco’s mother proudly handed Francisco his candle.  “He is the first in our family to achieve this.  I never imagined this moment,” shared his mom.

Samuel, on the other hand, has the example of his sister Ruth who graduated last year. Ruth said some very encouraging words to Samuel as she handed him his candle and told him that she knew he would go on to do great things.

Congratulations Samuel and Francisco!  We know God has big plans for you!


By Diana de Rodriguez

Edited by Sharon Powell