Living in any country means keeping up with changes in the laws.  New child care laws, called LEPINA (Ley de Proteccion Integral de la Ninez y Adolescencia),Agustin1 was drafted in an effort to protect children and adolescents.  La Casa has been impacted in many ways, and we are continually evaluating our policies and practices in an attempt to align them with these laws.  In doing so, we will no longer be posting pictures that could identify our children on the Internet, whether that be our website, our blog or our Facebook page.  We have Salvi3begun the process of removing photos from these sites and replacing them with photos that do not show a child’s entire face. Our desire to share God’s work with you will not change, but this does means that we will have to find creative ways to share photos to tell our story! We appreciate your understanding and look forward to our continual communication. If you have any questions regarding these new policies, please feel free to contact us at

 (Thanks to Love and Hope Children’s Home for sharing with us your thoughts on this important subject and giving permission to share them with our readers.)