The work of some never ends.  In La Casa de mi Padre, there is always work to do.  My first day of work, I was told, “Here, you have to understand that every day is different; and often, God surprises us!”  At that moment I didn’t understand; but in time, I have learned that this is so true.   Although the children and staff have their daily routine, no day is ever the same.

To demonstrate this, let me give you a tour of La Casa.   Let’s begin in the offices as you enter La Casa.  Sarai, our administrative assistant, is always answering the phone, taking care of financial issues as they arise, communicating with the schools, and coordinating transportation routes for the day.   Many times, she looks up and there is someone getting into mischief right in front of her desk!

Next, let’s visit Noris, our dynamic social worker.  She is changing a baby’s diaper!  This is not her normal work, but she has a big smile on her face and explains, “I had to go pick up the family early, so they had not had time to bathe their baby.  We’ve bathed him here and are getting ready for an important meeting today.”  Noris is always willing to help!  Part of Noris’s work is to support the families as she works on developing healthy relationships between them and their children.

Our next stop is in the garden where we hear the laughter and singing of our youngest boys.

We also find Sandra, mother of our boys’ home, having a chat with one of our boys.  With so many of our boys entering adolescence, these talks seem to be occurring often!

It seems like someone else is having a chat. As we look through the window into the offices again, we see Eunice talking with another one of the boys.  She spends most of her afternoons in sessions with our children.

Now, as we enter the girls’ home. we can feel the motherly love being displayed.  Some of the girls are playing “mommy” while others finish up their homework assignments.

Some of the other girls have gone to a nearby park with “Papi Juan”, the house dad of our girls’ home.  And, this is just a small sample of a normal day in La Casa.


I am not sure why it sometimes surprises us when we see the hand of God reaching down to provide for His children.  This past Friday was one such day at La Casa.   We had just finished our devotional time where our director, Gary, had asked us to pray for financial provision for La Casa.  We had received our mid-month transfer and it was just enough to cover salaries, nothing more.  We prayed together fervently, and each went back to their day’s work.  However, it wasn’t even ten minutes after we had prayed together for provision that Gary called us all together once again.  BUT, this time, he said, “We just received a donation that we were not expecting, and it’s just enough to cover the costs for the food, medicines and schooling for the month.”  Between laughter and tears, we all gave thanks to our God.  Everyday is different, but oh how awesome it is to witness first hand the glory of God!


“Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him.”

Psalm 34:8

By Diana de Rodríguez

Edited by Sharon Powell