It’s 2:30 in the afternoon and the children are sitting around the table on the front porch.  They are anxiously asking, “What time do we start?”  For them, this is a special day because they are going to make Christmas cards for their sponsors and donors. As the box of materials is set on the table, the children run towards it, as everyone wants to choose the best colors and materials so that their card is special.


During this year, 2012, we started a sponsorship program to give the opportunity for others to be able to share in our ministry in a more personal way.  Even though this program is new, we have had a very positive response from both sides.   The children identify with the names of their sponsors, pray for them, and anxiously await letters and emails.  We have scheduled four specific times during the year when children write or make a special craft for their new friends.  These are then scanned and sent to their sponsor via email.  Sponsors can choose to write back the child.  This relationship has been fun to watch as it grows.

Gaby GabyandGachi

The children are anxious to tell what is on their hearts.  Karlita says, “I want to tell my sponsor that I would like to visit her for the week of Christmas.”  We all chuckled.  but know that deep in their hearts, they are so excited that people care because they seek to know them.


Chepe had asked for prayer for his schooling in his letter to his sponsors several times this year.  He was happy that he passed all of his subjects this school year and wanted to thank his sponsors for their prayers in this area of his life.  Chepe was the last to finish his card.  He dedicated a lot of time and love into making it.  “I am very happy knowing that there are people who have visited us and haven’t forgotten about us.  Even though I do not have a lot to give, I hope they enjoy this card.”


We would like to take this time to thank all of our donors.  Your generosity helps to cover the costs of direct care on a consistent basis for food, housing, medicines, counseling, transportation, and tutoring, It also helps our children know that others care for them and give of themselves for them.  This is often critical in their healing process.  The sponsorship program has this year grown to 25% of what is needed, and we look forward to growing partners this coming year as others join in to say they care.


It’s now 5 in the afternoon, and the children are turning in all of their cards full of many colors, Christmas trees of all kinds, snowmen, stars, and stickers with lots of expressions of love for you who believe in our ministry.  We can’t wait to send each of you your special card.  Merry Christmas!

By Diana Chavez

Edited by Sharon Powell