Years ago, when many of the children in our home were about to age out of protective care, we made the decision that we were in this for the long haul. Most of the children we served at that time did not have family to return home to. That is when prayer and dreaming turned into reality as we opened a program we call The Bridge. It is a transition program for young adults who want to continue with their education or learn a trade or begin a job. It is a place where they are mentored during these turmoil years of walking right smack into adulthood.

It’s not been an easy road or often a pretty road. It’s been raw. But it’s been filled with reminders that God works on our hearts and makes all things beautiful . . . in His time. God designed each of us with a free-will that we all decide to exercise during these young adult years. But He never gives up on us. He can lead us to some very beautiful places in life, despite what life has dealt.

Three years ago we made a change in the program, We had a number of young adults, and we needed more space. We were blessed to have the opportunity to rent a small townhouse for the young ladies. A team came down and made the small space so pretty, a comfy place for the young ladies in the program to call “home.” Money was given to pay rent the first year. However, over the past several years, we have had several more young ladies turn 18. They each made the decision that they wanted to be part of the Transition Program. Going into this year, we knew that the space in the townhouse would be quickly maxed to its capacity.

With the number of young men dwindling in the program, we decided it was time to move the young ladies back into the larger home. However, that home has some “years” on it, and quite frankly needs lots of repair work. COVID 19 put delays on plans, but we were finally able to make some repairs to the plumbing and electrical systems and do a little refresh on some areas with paint. Although more work is to come, we felt like we couldn’t wait any longer. It was time for the big move.

Here’s a sneak peak at the move. The young ladies’ furniture made it looked a little more “homey.” The girls were excited to have space again, and the boys weren’t too sad about moving upstairs into a small apartment area.

We are grateful for those who choose to give towards this program. It means a lot in the life of a young adult moving out into the big world to have someone mentor and help navigate the transition. Continue to keep this program and each young adult in your prayers. Transitions aren’t easy, but they are possible . . . and can be even beautiful.