Chepe is a 13 year old boy living at La Casa for several years now. He and his two siblings, Agustin and Rosita, come from a family living in extreme poverty. Chepe has the “strange” ability to provoke extreme feelings in a person… He can make you pull out your hair out of frustration when he’s doing things “his way” and can light up your day with his beautiful smile and big, deep, brown eyes…!  A few days ago he had homework where he had to write his “life’s project” (Proyecto de Vida in Spanish). He came up with a very creative proposal that is worth sharing…  Hope you enjoy it!  Kids…, you gotta love them!

Please, check a copy of Chepe’s homework at the bottom. 

“My Life Proyect

I’m determined for my future to become an F.B.I agent and go the United States to study my career, graduate, have children and visit my family in Ilobasco (a small town in El Salvador) regularly. In case this career is not for me, I would like to be a soccer player or a neuro surgeon. I’m also determined to help to evangelize other people, bless them with the Word of God and do evangelistic campaigns”. 


Chepe es un niño de 11 años que vive en La Casa ya por un buen tiempo. El y sus dos hermanos, Agustín y Rosita, vienen de una familia que vive en extrema pobreza. Chepe tiene la extraña habilidad de provocar emociones extremas en una persona… El puede hacer que uno quiera jalarse el pelo por la frustración o puede iluminar el día de alguien con su hermosa sonrisa y sus profundos y enormes ojos cafes… Hace unos días tuvo que escribir su Proyecto de Vida como tarea. Se le ocurrió una propuesta muy creativa  que vale la pena compartir. ¡Ojalá la disfruen! ¡Niños!