Social Worker. Driver for personnel, driver to get x-rays on a Sunday afternoon, driving care staff to the hospital to switch out care for one of our boys who was hospitalized, helping in our schooling area, printing out assignments for the children, watching one of our youth so that his “tia” can have a moment to eat her lunch, helping with homework in the afternoons, calling family members regularly to check-in and show we care, running emergency food packages to families who are desperate, communicating with the government and other supervising authorities and whatever else is thrown his way has been the job description for our Social Worker, Henry, over the past several months. Some are his “normal” responsibilities; most are not. This has been Henry’s story and as well for most of our team members.


I imagine we have all had to take on multiple hats lately. Let us ask this question: “How have you had to adapt this year?” Due to the multiple challenges we have experienced, we’ve had to ask our staff to be VERY flexible! And you know what? They have! Their calling to work in a ministry and not just a job has shown brightly. And we are grateful.

Although everyone has an assigned role within La Casa, times like we are experiencing has had us all jumping in to help one another . . . SURVIVE!

When metal is put under extreme heat and pressure, it is refined. It often becomes something even more valuable than if just left to be. Most of us prefer to just be left to be; no pressure, smooth sailing. However, when put under pressure, we are refined as well. We come out stronger, clinging more to our Heavenly Father and become better people for it. We come out more united having fought together for a common cause.

We are SO thankful for the way our staff, young adults in the transition program and even our volunteers and donors have given sacrificially during these difficult days. Join us in praising God for ALL the ways He has sustained us and will continue to do so. Give a shout out to ALL who help make this ministry possible. Together, we make a difference! Please pray that we are able to continue unified as we are now.