Here in El Salvador, February is Friendship Month! One word that comes to mind when we think about “friendship” is grace. Without grace, it’s very hard to have a true friendship.

Grace began with God as He showed His love for us, providing a way for us to be who He truly created us to be rather than trapped by our own failures and beaten up selves.

Grace is us not getting what we deserve and getting what we do not deserve– second, third, fourth . . . hundreds of chances.

Grace is God’s everlasting arms around us that gets us through on the worst of days.

Grace is God’s eyes that look at His creation and sees the best in us, cheering us forward on the good days.

And gracespills out of us and into our relationships with those around us.

In La Casa, we hope that . . .

Grace sees past the messy broken pieces, awkward conversations, the good intentions that did not end up so good, the regrets of harsh words spoken or kind words left unsaid, and all the downright failures.

Grace sees the best in ourselves and allows us to see the best in the other person, bringing the best out of both.

Grace can revive dashed hopes and dreams, crushed spirits, ruined relationships and broken lives.

Grace comes along beside and cheers another on to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Grace is a friend loving us, rooting for us, calling out the best in us, and helping us remember the dreams of our heart when we’ve long forgotten.

Grace is the rising of the sun, birds chirping their happy songs, the laughter of children in our homes, hope for restoration and millions of majestic views that remind us God is in control.


Grace carries us.

And grace carries our friendships.