Throughout the year, La Casa has been blessed by visits from nine different mission teams.

During these visits, our ministry has received incredible help as teams held medical clinics, painted and furnished our homes, worked on our farm, and blessed several of our children’s families.

However, the largest blessing received was relationships that were built and will last for a lifetime despite the language barriers and cultural differences.  We’d like to share a coupe of these special bonds built with you.

Jacqueline visited La Casa and played with the girls.  She formed a special friendship with Rosita and sent her an email once she was home.  It said:

Dear Rosa,

Thank you for playing “serio” with me.  I think of you often.  We might visit El Salvador again in November.  I hope to see you again.

Hugs and Kisses,


Another special friendship developed when Kelly, who worked remodeling the girls’ bedrooms, visited Graciela’s grandmother and uncle’s home.  Graciela went along that day and began a friendship that touched Kelly’s heart.  Kelly decided to sponsor Graciela through our Sponsorship Program, Be My Friend, and has been corresponding with her over the past few months.

The boys’ home received a special letter from Kristen who worked remodeling the boys’ bedrooms.

 “I came into this journey with no expectations … I didn’t know if relationships would be built or if the missions team was just going to haul in, fix up, and haul right back out. I’m so thankful that wasn’t the case…And, while none of us can see the whole picture, I know that He has a lot in store for all of us. (P.S. I wear the bracelets you guys gave me all the time! I can’t help but think of you all when I see them!)”


The last story we would like to share is about a beautiful picture painted by Victoria that now graces our entranceway.  She loves art and decided that her gift would be a piece of artwork entitled “Fruits of the Spirit”.  She also placed the name of each team member and each child at La Casa along the tree branches.  The younger children at La Casa helped to finish the picture by placing their thumbprints along the bottom to create grass.  What a beautiful reminder of their visit!

Director, Gary Powell, began each mission team’s journey by emphasizing the importance of relationships.  There is no doubt that special bonds between each team member who gave of himself or herself and the staff and children at La Casa were made and will be cherished forever.

By Diana de Rodriguez

Edited by Sharon Powell