On Thursday, July 30, we will celebrate ten years of fun and learning through our Equine Riding Program. Working with horses in such a setting provides significant physical and emotional benefits for our children. They learn to address issues with trust, fear, anger, self control and so much more. Some work on educational skills while riding. One of our adolescents learned to talk as he began riding many years ago and still to this day enjoys riding and being around the horses.

The children participate in individual and group sessions each month. It’s a place where they learn to care for the horses as well as ride them. Getting up on that large animal and learning that you have control over what that animal does is such a huge step in self confidence. Many of the children form attachments with animals long before they ever trust an adult again after significant trauma. Children also learn that there is responsibility in caring for animals and help get the horse ready to ride and bath and feed afterwards.

There are plenty of quiet talks and gentle hugs seen around the stable area. We are thankful for Whitney and her dedication to this program for ten years, and we are thankful for those donate so that this program can be a part of the children’s journey towards healing.