Pinto is a very special young man and loved by everyone.  He came to La Casa when he was eleven years and is now twenty-one.  He has had the desire to work ever since he turned eighteen.  Pinto dreams of being able to help his aunt Ana, who is like a mother to him, and his six siblings who live in different children’s homes.  In El Salvador, individuals with disabilities aren’t likely to find work very easily, but God has had a plan for Pinto’s life all along.

One day last week, Pinto woke up with a smile from ear to ear.  It was an exciting day for him.  Enthusiastically, he went outside to the area where some of the staff was meeting in prayer and wanted to join in the prayer time.  He prayed, “Thank you Lord, Thank you Lord” over and over with tears in his eyes.  This was going to be Pinto’s first day of work.

Pinto attends a vocational school where he has learned to make bread.  He has excelled in this area, and his teacher recommended him as a candidate for a job in a local bakery.   Pinto had to present his resume and went through several tests to be selected.  At the end of the process, only two boys were accepted for this job, and Pinto was one of them.

Pinto also had to get a health care card, an ID number for taxes, and a banking account.  His house dad helped to run him everywhere and do all of the paperwork needed. He is very proud of his new banking card!  He will be working Monday through Saturday from 1- 5 P.M. where he will help to make bread to be distributed in supermarkets.  Miguel, who is part of our staff, will ride the bus with Pinto so that he can learn the public transportation system to and from work.   The house parents will help him learn to manage his money by opening a savings account and showing him how to set aside money for personal needs.

“Pinto has only been working for three days.  He already has friends and has adapted very well.  He is very good at kneading the dough, which not many have this skill,” comments Ceferino, his house dad.

We cannot describe the excitement we feel when seeing the fruits and God’s plans become a reality in our children’s lives.   Pinto, we love you very much and are so proud of you!   God always holds you in His hands.

By Diana Chávez

Edited by Sharon Powell