“New mercies every morning and grace to end the day.”  We know those two promises, yet we can get so sidetracked with the life in-between that we forget. These past months have been nothing any of us could probably ever imagined or have ever experienced. Each day has seemed to bring on some sort of twist that has left us numb many times over. And they continue.

One of our boys fell a couple of weekends ago while thinking he could dance on the water sprayed porch. And just as we can expect, before anyone could hardly get a word out of their mouth, he fell flat on his chin. A chin that already had plates and screws in it holding it together from a traumatic experience in his life.

Today, he awaits surgery. We await finding the plates, screws and materials needed to do the surgery. We wait for a date. We wait for healing.

A lot of us are waiting. Waiting for better days. And in the wait we can easily forget . . . God is always near. He is WITH us. His promises never fail; they never end. He is in control. He is mighty. And His perfect plan will be carried out.

Those sweet whispers are tender reminders that whatever comes our way, He will walk with us and even carry us through if needed. We can rest His His arms and even be carried on His shoulders, high above everything that weighs us down.

And God gives us reminders all around of His majesty, of His power, of His perfect ways.  If we look out, look up, we see God’s creation, which in turn reflects who He is. It shouts praises. It shouts there is a God. So from sunrise to sunset and all creation in between, we are reminded of Him.

Take a moment and breathe sweet breaths of life. Look around, look up, look out, see all that He has created, see Him.

And whisper a sweet prayer for our little one awaiting surgery. God makes all things new!