Today, we celebrate Children’s Day in El Salvador. Children’s Day is a day to celebrate the gift of children and for them to celebrate being a child.


Providing a family setting for the children we serve is key for a child to learn roles of parents and the child. The children we serve come from hard backgrounds, all suffering trauma that has interrupted  childhood. Typically, a child who comes to live in one of our family settings is chronologically one age, developmentally and emotionally much younger, yet has experienced things in life even an adult would never wish to experience. By placing children in family settings, we hope to allow children to be children, replacing some of what has been stolen. Sometimes, children just need to be able to play.


As a way to celebrate the child, their dreams and their culture, our counseling staff hosted an event where the children where given the topic of “How I would like to help my country when I grow up.” They were asked to draw or write their reflections. Then, an exhibition was held in our pavilion area where each child explained their drawing and dream. 


Each child proudly displayed their work and enjoyed sharing their ideas on how they wanted to bring change to their country. We hope you enjoy pictures of this special time of children dreaming about a brighter future.