BackToSchool3Back to school!  What thoughts do those words bring to mind? Now multiply that by 28 and you get what happened inside La Casa de mi Padre these pastBackToSchool2 couple of weeks.  We ‘ve filled out school forms for evey child, included a picture on the form, and calculated payments for enrollment fees and monthly tuition.  We’ve ordered and purchased books.  We then covered these books along with their notebooks in colored paper and then plastic (hundreds of them!).  We’ve read over the legal sized list of school supplies, purchased what had not been donated and packed backpacks. We’ve put names on everything. The children were measured for uniforms and taken shopping to find school shoes.  And, it took all of us to get it done…from administration, to social worker, to care givers, houseparents and the kids BackToSchool4themselves…but they were all ready to head out the door and to a new year of school.

However, none of this would be possible without you.  You, as donors and sponsors of our children, made it all possible for the children to start anew, setBackToSchool7 goals, and dream of tomorrow. Some of you sent down backpacks and some school supplies for our children. Some of you sponsor a specific child to help cover the costs of education. Some of you donate monthly to  help cover costs of transportation and other costs associated with the care of each child.  Some of you are our prayer warriors.  During this BackToSchool5past week, we received an email from one of our children’s sponsors. In the note, she commented “…we are blessed to be a tiny part of it.”  Oh, she, and you, are a big part of each life in La Casa.  Without you, the opportunity for a changed life would not be a reality.  Most children came to us never having gone to school, or if they’d had, they had long since dropped out.  So, when you send your child off to school, or if you do not have school age, when you pass that next school, smile and know that your heart to give is making a difference in El Salvador,

Join us in giving thanks for another school year!

By Sharon Powell