Agustin and two other siblings live at La Casa / Agustin y dos hermanos mas viven en La Casa.

Agustin has been at La Casa for just one year and a half. Currently  he’s ten years old and had never attended to school before. He grew up in the middle of a very dysfunctional family who refused to send him to school and often placed him in a position to look after his parents. Even though he was old enough to be on a 3rd or 4th grade level when he first came into La Casa, the school wasn’t able to accommodate him with his peers because he could not read and write at all. At ten year, he had no clue how to write a vowel or a number!

We were able to set up a special intervention with him along with the school, in which Agustin was going to be placed in Preparatoria (Kindergarten level) so that he could learn how to read and write and additionally we would assign a tutor that would work with him at school and after school hours with remediation tutoring. Even at the Kindergarten level Agustin was behind his classmates and that led him to a lot of frustration and self esteem issues. The school and his tutor provided support and motivate him to

Roberto is our on-staff tutor. He works with Agustin and several other children individually / Roberto es nuestro tutor. El trabajo con Agustin y varios otros ninos en forma individual.

accomplish his goal of learning how to read and write. Now at the end of the school year, Agustin is able to fluently read and write, has over passed some of his classmates and his progress has been such that the school is working with us to advance him to the 2nd grade! We look forward to share with you more on Agustin’s story!