While most in the United States have been in school for just a few months and have settled into the routines of school, homework and extra curricular activities, we are ending another year of school here in El Salvador. As our children are counting down the days until the last day of school and summer vacation begins, they are also having to be encouraged to finish well. I know you all know about those days of the in-between . . . when you are almost there but not quite yet.

 The past couple of months, most of our children have had exhibitions to show off what they have learned this last year. They have participated in an English Fair, a Science Fair, and an general fair to show learning in various other subjects. That means there has been lots of paper, boxes, craft supplies, glue, scissors and a lot of searching for ideas in our homes. Our children have had to create material along with presentations to demonstrate that they have indeed made progress in their studies. And they have! 

A quote remembered of Nelson Mandela is, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” We believe that it is a powerful weapon and if the passion for learning is caught, so many doors can open for opportunity. We always want to celebrate achievement and cheer each other on.


We are grateful for all those who support our education piece of the ministry so that our children attend schools where they are challenged to grow in knowledge and begin to dream about the future. Please join us in prayer as our children take their final exams this next week and soar into vacation time!