One of the major goals at La Casa is to connect children to their families whenever possible.  The Hernandez siblings have lived at La Casa for ten years now, and they have been able to maintain a relationship with someone very special in their lives, their grandmother.  She often visits them during family visitation days; but recently, she has been ill, and so they had asked to go visit her and pray for her.  It has been a long time since all six have been able to go and visit their family together.

After an hour and a half trip, we arrived as far as we could drive, and then walked approximately ten minutes to get to her home. The children remembered the walk and recognized their neighbor’s homes. When we finally arrived at the house they had lived at when they were younger, they eagerly ran to hug their grandmother, mother, and little brother.  The family was ready to share lunch with them, eating pupusas, typical Salvadoran food.

“The place has changed, many of our neighbors have moved away, and when I went walking to find some old friends, I found that they, too, have left,” commented Karla.

“I remember running and playing in this garden while our grandmother took care of us,” shared Carolina.

The children insisted on visiting “the well”, a spring where the children use to swim and play in the afternoon.  They wanted to show Claudia where they had played when they were young since she was just a baby when they arrived at La Casa de mi Padre.  So, Juan Carlos and Marcelo, fathers in our homes, walked with them to visit this childhood memory. It was so hot that they really wanted to get in the water and cool off!

Silvia was able to visit one of her best friends.  She was surprised to find that her friend was now a mother at a very young age.  They talked and Silvia encouraged her to go to church.

As the visit ended, their grandmother gave each one a big hug and said, “I am very happy to see they are healthy, grown-up, and fearing the Lord, as that has been my prayer my whole life.  I love them as my own children, and I am so happy that they wanted to visit me.”

Journeys home like this one is a part of the healing process.  Life changes, circumstances beyond our control take place, but the love of dear ones remains in our hearts.  Praise the Lord that He walks each step of our lives with us!


By Diana de Rodriguez

Edited by Sharon Powell