Several months ago, a new young lady, named Dina, joined our La Casa family.  Everyone was excited to welcome her into the family.

The adaptation process for each of our children requires much more than having their basic needs met.  One of the areas we always find challenging is in the area of academics.  According to our social worker’s investigation, Dina was enrolled in school at the beginning of the year but did not attend regularly.  By mid-year, she had dropped out completely.  Her family needed her to help with chores around the home like making tortillas, cleaning, and planting corn.  Another reason that her family gives for Dina not attending school was due to the safety of walking to school from her home.   In 2007, Dina completed second grade at the age of nine; but since then, she was never able to return to school.

Dina is now fourteen years old and should be in the eighth grade.  La Casa hired a teacher who has helped Dina to study three hours each day for four months so that she could take a national test to advance to fourth grade.  She worked hard and never complained of the workload nor of having homework.  This past Friday, October 26, Dina got up early; and although nervous, she was enthusiastic about going to take this test.  “I never thought that I would get to go back to school, but God is giving me a second chance and I do not want to waste it,” shares Dina.

In February of next year, Dina will hopefully take another placement test to see if she can place in the seventh grade.  She will continue to study daily with her teacher even during the school vacations.

According to the Ministry of Education, 1,200,000 children are enrolled in school, but 5.8% drop out each year.  Dina was a part of that percentage, but God has a perfect plan for her.  We consider it a privilege to participate in her journey toward a brighter future.

We are working to teach our children that when they set important goals in their life, if they depend on God, the obstacles become small.   Thank you for joining in prayer for Dina and her goals.

 “In all things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.”  Romans 8:37

By Diana Chávez

Edited by Sharon Powell