Don’t we all love seasons when we are given vivid reasons to give thanks? Not all seasons are like that. Actually, most seasons are just doing the mundane, everyday routine. And then there are those seasons that are hard, when you wonder if you’ll ever see light at the end of the tunnel. We experience them all. But, we also grow from them all.

At La Casa, we are in a season of rejoicing for new growth and praying for the seasons ahead. New growth has meant we have been able to build a new home where the most vulnerable of children can find a family to embrace them during a hard season in their lives.  We have been able to hire and train staff for the home, including a houseparent couple who is ready with arms open wide to love. And we’ve been given grace by the courts to begin to place children in the home.

Currently, we have two young pre-teen girls living in the new Joy Home, and we have been sent new intake requests for additional girls to be placed in the home. Yes, exciting. Exciting that we are given the opportunity to be a safe and loving home for girls who are coming out of difficult, hard situations. We are given the opportunity to see healing begin, for stability and for them to dream again. We are also given the opportunity to find family members and get into the trenches to make a difference, to begin a restoration process.

And that is exactly where we need your help. We need your help to be praying with us.

  • For the girls placed in the Joy Home,
  • For the girls yet to be placed,
  • For their biological families to be willing to do the hard work to begin their own healing journey,
  • For the judges making life changing decisions for children and their families,
  • And for us as a staff to have the wisdom and perseverance to walk with these new children and families.

The road is never easy. It’s pretty bumpy. Hearts are wounded and the children (and families) have learned so many coping skills from that wounding that can make the journey tough.  But….God. He can make all things beautiful. May we never forget that!

And we need your help to sponsor one of our new children or help with operational costs of the home, please go to or contact us at We’d love to have you on our team!