The month of May is a very sentimental time in La Casa as Mother’s Day is celebrated.  Our children become very nostalgic about their mothers and those who serveOscarPoema as mother roles in their lives.

One of our boys took the time to write a poem to his mom and read it to her on family visitation day.  It truly shows the process of healing that is evolving over time in his life.  We wish every mother a very special Mother’s Day!

My precious mom,

Like a rose

That loves me and cares for me

No matter what happens.

Although you’re not by my side,

I’ll always treasure

Your love and care

Even as a child.


I see a light;

It seems that it is you

Giving me this love

That heals the pain.


I will sit on your lap;

It doesn’t matter if you give me a hug.

I love you and care for you;

You already know that.


By Oscar