Sometimes, life keeps you busy.  This has been the case for the staff at La Casa.   However, we set aside the time this past week for our staff to get out of San Salvador and have some time to “be still”.  Since many on our staff are new, we spent some time reflecting upon our vision, mission and purpose.

Our team can be compared to a soccer team who spends their pre-season training before they begin their games in the stadium.  As a team, we need to listen to our coach (Jesus), know His heart and His strategies so that we can live these out in our daily lives before others.

During our planning retreat, we opened by studying Psalm 78: 1-8.  Gary, our director, led us to see that we have a responsibility to pass God’s promises and miracles on to the next generation.  Modeling our trust in God and His faithfulness to us instills confidence in Him.  Our children are able to see Him work in very real ways.  Psalm 78 says that if these children will put their trust in God, they will not repeat the errors of generations past.

Our time away was also a time to examine our own life.  Gary helped us to understand that we cannot give anything to the children that we do not have; therefore, it is important that our relationship with the Lord is strong so that we share out of a genuine heart.  We each set a goal for the next month so that we can better model a healthy life before the children.

Before ending, we want to share with you the challenge that is set before us at La Casa, the end result we want to achieve:

Our Vision:

To heal hearts, restore families, and bring hope of a better future to children in crisis in El Salvador.

And how will we achieve this?

Our Mission:

Modeling a healthy home life and providing Christ-centered counseling, education, life planning, and family support.

We want to live out this mission daily.  Join us in prayer so that we may model genuine hearts that serve and have attentive ears to listen to our children’s hearts.

 “ We will not hide them from their children; we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, His power, and the wonders He has done….Then, they will put their trust in God”

Psalm 78:4,7

By Diana de Rodriguez

Edited by Sharon Powell