We celebrated Independence Day in El Salvador last week. As with every country, there is deep rooted patriotism. Salvadorans are a hard working people who have through the generations proved to be a resilient people.

However, celebrating looked a little different this year. The children would normally participate in civic programs and presentations in their schools, and our houseparents would be attending these different events. Since we are still participating in distant learning, our staff decided that it would be good to celebrate this special day here in La Casa. A civic themed afternoon was organized, and the children researched various topics, made decorations, learned typical dances and presented their work to everyone in La Casa. We hope you enjoy taking a peek into our afternoon of learning and fun. 

As we celebrate independence, we want to say “thank you” for your hearts for this country. We would also like to invite you to  keep El Salvador in your prayers. This year’s pandemic has left its mark on the economy, and thus lives of so many people. Pray for the ways we reach out to our families to bring hope during such difficult times. Together, we can help each other stand.