And our friends have continued to come, to show up. We’ve had the privilege of partnering with Faithbridge church out of Houston for many years now. This year, we had a youth team and an adult team serve alongside us. Their hearts are genuine. They come to serve, no matter what is asked of them. If we know of a task that perhaps other groups might not want to do, we can always count on our Faithbridge friends to say, “Yes, bring it on!”  

The youth team helped spread dump-truck loads of top soil onto the lawn of our new Joy Home. Wheelbarrows, shovels and tamps were everywhere in the tropical heat and humidity. We are ever so thankful that they didn’t mind the task assigned and got it done. Now, our Joy Home has a beautiful lawn of grass growing where the girls can play. 

Then along came the adult team. (We guess the tales of the youth team didn’t scare them away!) They purchased a storage shed for the Joy Home, assembled it, helped to hang bathroom accessories, move furniture that was arriving to its proper place and landscape the front of the home. Yes, they were busy!


But the physical work is only what we can see and touch. Their heart for the children, their conversations at lunch time, the games, the mini photo shots and the smiles they shared left lasting imprints in the lives of everyone at La Casa. They, too,  prayed in the rooms of the Joy Home for the houseparents and children who will live in the home. Their hearts of service sure were evident in all they did.

Thank you Faithbridge for your faithful partnership! Together, we can sure get a lot done!