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Alan Burnett, from North Point Community Church shares his experience at La Casa:

Today October 19, 2012 started at our normal time of 8:00 AM. A few friends from La Casa met us at the hotel with two children. The children were a part of La Casa ministry. We were going to go visit the area that the boys were born and raised. It was quite a drive from San Salvador to their home. We visited three separate homes in their village. The two boys that we were with were rescued from the area that we visited. These boys have a huge smiles and hearts. It is impossible not to see that when you met them. They were so excited to be able to share with our team the place they were born. Our team delivered rice, cookies, pasta, eggs, cooking oil and clothes to their family. They showed us around their village with such pride but to us it was simple aluminum structures providing shelter. There was no electricity, bathrooms, street signs, or mail service. What they had was each other. We could see how they all relied on each other. But due to the unstable family environment and their humble surroundings, by God’s grace, they are now a part of La Casa de mi Padre. La Casa is now providing them with all their needs. They are being provided a home, food, schooling, counseling, and most importantly God’s love. Our team has been able to visit with the children of La Casa two of our days here. We have also had two labor intensive days working at La Casa’s soon to be new campus that will house the administrative offices and children’s homes. The overall vision of La Casa came full circle today. This week we have experienced so much. We have met all the children at the ministry and worked at their future campus. But today we saw why. We saw why this ministry exist as well as many, many others. It is God’s work. There is light and darkness in the world. Today our team walked with light, then through darkness, and then back out with light again! The light was the two boys that had been rescued. The darkness was their past and the environment that was left. We walked through it with them. As we left their village, you could just see God’s hand on them. They were glowing but still proud of their old home. Their smiles and joy said everything. We saw God at work today. This week has been a blessing. Alan


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