Children’s Day is celebrated each year on October 1 in El Salvador. Parties are held celebrating the life of a child. Usually, these parties are held in schools, but this year, like many all over the world, we are still distant learning. SO . . . we threw our own party celebrating the lives of the children we serve.

Our children come from difficult pasts, but our goal is to bring healing in the lives of children so that they can move forward in life with a new perspective that they are loved, cherished and worth more to their Heavenly Father than they can ever imagine. Our hope is that children can dream again, achieve and become agents of change in this world.

We had donors contribute pizza for lunch, a cake and a piñata for fun. We had the piñata be the last item on a scavenger hunt in which the children participated. Because we rarely ever have a piñata, it was a fun and surprising end to our celebration.

Join us in celebrating the dignity and value of children.