It’s summertime and usually it would be the time of the year when we get to greet teams at the airport and spend a week, and sometimes two, working together. They get to play with the children, meet our staff, eat Salvadoran food, meet our neighbors and the families we work with. We get to see old friends and make new ones. We are encouraged and receive help on projects that help us move forward faster. Gary gets to tell his God stories, and we share some special chapel times together. We also get to see hearts changed. Together, we see God at work. Together, we all grow in our faith.

And then COVID-19. Things aren’t the same this year . . . no surprise to anyone as each of us have ways in which this pandemic has affected our lives and the lives of those around us. It’s sent the whole world into social distancing, wearing masks, stressing out and putting plans on hold. It’s closed borders and stopped travel.  

So we wait, and as we wait for teams to be able to visit again, we want to share some memories we are holding on to. We will be at the airport welcoming teams again. . . when the time is right! We sure miss YOU!