I think we are all feeling a little overwhelmed right now. As information floods every crevice in our minds and souls, we are all feeling a tad overwhelmed and vulnerable, aren’t we? And yet, there are those who stand a greater chance of being victims of this virus that seems to be only gaining momentum . . . the marginalized. They don’t have the means to go out and hoard every roll of toilet paper they can find or even stock their shelf with food for more than perhaps the next meal. This describes our neighbors. Many of you have met them. But, as everyone who visits and sits in their homes knows, they have hearts that are filled with more joy than we can pretend to have on some days. They fight hard in this life.



Last week, we partnered with Christian Medical and Dental Association out of Richmond, VA to serve the marginalized in the community where we are located. Basic health care is not always available or easily accessed, so this team came with hearts to serve those in need.



The team first visited our neighbors in the community to get to know the needs and understand the conditions in which they live to be able to make the best diagnosis and recommendations possible. They prayed over each family they visited and had a little heads up on the needs they would encounter.


Then they, and a local doctor and dentist, provided medical, dental and vision checks for almost 300 of our neighbors over a two-day period. They were so thankful that someone gave them an ear, knew they were there, showed they cared.



The team concluded their week by providing 50 water filters to families in need of access to clean water. Educational talks on the importance of clean water, hydration and dental health were given, all placing an importance of using clean water. These families were taught how to use and care for the water filters, and each left with a water filter that will filter water for drinking and cooking purposes.



We are thankful the team came and left when they did. Since then, this epidemic has closed borders, and we are under a national quarantine. Schools have been cancelled for at least three weeks, and we are doing our best to figure out this homeschooling thing. Restaurants have closed, many stores, too. Shelves are being cleared and a sense of deep concern looms in the air awaiting the first case of the Coronavirus. But even amidst all of the real reasons to be concerned, cautious and wise, may our own needs never block out the light that needs to be shone in this world. 

Join us in thanking CMDA and The Bridge Church in Richmond, VA for sharing a week with us loving on the marginalized in this world. And take a look around you to see if you can reach out and meet the needs of someone who is marginalized.