Thanksgiving is not a day celebrated in El Salvador, but we thought that it would be a great month to focus on giving thanks for all of the provisions we have received and look for ways to give to others.

Every day, we pass by our neighbors. We see them walking the road as they walk to school, take their corn to the mill to be ground or get to the highway to go to the places they need to go. We are blessed; we have vehicles that take us up that winding, bumpy dirt road and the steep hill that has to be climbed to reach the small community before getting to highway.

We may see them carrying water, while we have a well and only have to turn on the spout to watch it run freely. We see them carrying food they have purchased for the day and other necessities that we have loaded in our car or in our refrigerator that holds our food supply for a week.

And yet, we can overlook the hard and go on with our lives. As a staff, we wanted to take the time to pause, reflect on what the blessings we have been given and share something with our neighbors. We wanted to stop for a moment and see that we have been given not to hold so tightly in our fists but to give as well. We wanted everyone to see that behind a gift is always a sacrifice.

 So, our staff planned a “Serving Day.” It’s hot here all year round, and now that the rains have just about ended, the afternoon sun can be intense. We thought it might be nice to prepare an afternoon snack and take it to our neighbors. Not just go and purchase a snack and give it out, but actually do something that took some effort and involved everyone working together.  

Our staff and children prepared 200 frozen drinks (called charamuscas), sandwichs and small fruit salads to share with our neighbors.  Everyone chipped in to do their part, from cutting up fruit and putting it in small baggies, making a slaw to go on the sandwiches to assembling the sandwiches. Everything was wrapped up and put in crates and off we went in the hot afternoon sun to be a blessing and receive a blessing.

We hope that you enjoy the pictures from our day as you look at the abundant smiles shared on our Service Day this month.

And a very Happy Thanksgiving to you! May your hearts be full as you look back with a grateful heart at the many blessings we’ve all been given this year!