It’s always exciting and refreshing when we can celebrate the victories! Just a weekend ago, we were reminded of God’s faithfulness as we watched Silvia walk across the stage and receive her university degree in Early Childhood Education. A university degree takes five years in El Salvador to earn. Silvia exonerated her last year of writing a thesis, and instead, was allowed to take a course to give her an extra accreditation.  Thus, she was able to graduate a semester early. Her efforts, her persistence, her keeping her eyes on her goal paid off!

We are SO proud of this young lady. She is the first in her family to ever graduate from university. She has set the example for her siblings and others to keep going in life and to never give up.

She has been working as a teacher in a preschool program for almost two years now. Earning her degree will open the doors for new opportunities for work and continue to be an agent of change in the lives of children.

As we celebrated last weekend, we also had the opportunity to see a student of hers run up to her and  give her a big hug.  The child’s face lit up, but so did Silvia’s. She’s able to do what her heart wants to do!

We are so thankful for everyone who has journeyed with Silvia all of these years and cheered her on towards reaching her dreams. She even had a few of you travel all the way to El Salvador to celebrate with her..and she is grateful. Silvia has been given the opportunity to change the course of generations to come.

Join us in prayer as she steps out into independence with her head held high in anticipation of how God will continue to direct her steps and provide. She hopes to begin studying English formally so that she has additional opportunities to teach in a bilingual setting. She’s continuing to reach for her dreams!

Be brave, Silvia! We are cheering you on. We are ever so proud of you, we love you  and are thankful you are part of our family!