The Joy Home construction was completed at the end of June! We are excited to be able to offer another family setting for children from hard places while we work with the biological family to facilitate restoration and reunification, when at all possible.   

Since the end of construction, we have been busy preparing to take in children who need a place to call home for whatever time deemed necessary by the courts. Furniture and appliances arrived, all the final details finished, and the occupancy permit was granted. Letters have been written to the courts informing them of available space.

And our house parents have moved into the home. We are excited that Marcelo and Jeanne, along with their two children, have decided to be a part of the ministry and serve as house parents for the girls who will need a safe and loving home. They have been busy with daily training times for the past six weeks. They’ve read books, plowed through policy and procedure manuals, trained in trauma care and have met with each part of the ministry to understand their roles and how we all work together.  We are sure their heads are swimming!  

Join us in prayer for Marcelo and Jeanne and their two children who will welcome children into their family, the judges who will be making important decisions in the lives of children, and for the girls who will come to us for protection and care.