Exciting news! We are launching our NEW website! Yes, it has taken a long time to design, add jargon and links, as well as fix all of the problems that comes with the creation of a website, but we are excited to share our new site with you…NOW.

We are unique in our approach of serving children in need of protective care.  Our family style settings with a family (father and mother and their biological children) embracing a small group of children provide a safe and loving environment for children to grow and heal while reaching out and working with the biological family to break generational cycles of neglect, abandonment and abuse. We place a supportive network of staff around the foster families so that they can serve the children well through training, counseling and self-care. Our prayer is for changed hearts and lives.

Take a look at our new design, learn about our ministry, keep up with the latest news and discover ways you can be involved and support the work here in El Salvador with children and families from difficult pasts. Even making an online donation is easier.

It’s taken a village to get this site launched, so we want to thank to My Father’s House International and everyone who has been part of this, for all of the brains, help and support they have provided.

Click here to begin your exploration of our site: http://mfh-elsalvador.org.