This past week, we celebrated father’s here in El Salvador. Oddly enough, statistics show that the majority of children do not live with a father figure present in their lives. The impact on lives and the society is huge.

We believe that the role of the father is significant in all our lives. No, none of us had a perfect father, we live in a broken world,  but when we have had a loving father present in our childhood years, that blessing is carried with us the rest of our lives. As well, it helps us see our Heavenly Father in the light of someone who cares, who protects, who provides, who listens to our hearts, who loves. If we have been able to trust our earthly father, that trust transfers to our relationship with our Heavenly Father.

For these reasons, we are very thankful for the fathers who serve as foster parents in our homes. They give sacrificially, they open their arms to love in hard places and they provide an example of a father’s role in the lives of the children and their families.

We seek to break cycles of abuse, abandonment and neglect. Placing children in family settings where a mother and father play a significant role in shaping lives for generations to come.

Join with us in celebrating our house dads and praying for the impact they have and will continue to have on lives.

Join in praying for the biological fathers of the children we serve. May they find and accept the help they need to bring about restoration and reconciliation in relationships.