This month, we had the privilege of partnering with GlobalX from Atlanta, GA. A team came to witness first-hand the impact that gifts through Be Rich (their church’s annual giving campaign), have made in the ministry. One of the ways they have tremendously blessed La Casa is by giving towards our counseling program, which enables us to provide outside counseling for children and staff when needed, respite for our house parents and money which is used to supplement salaries so that we could hire an additional counselor. Because we serve children and their families with difficult pasts it almost always involves dealing with past trauma, mostly moderate to severe cases. Counseling is a key component to healing hearts and restoring relationships that bring about brighter futures.

This team dug in and got their hands into the action by preparing lunches in our boy’s and girl’s homes two of their days with us so that the staff could get away and enjoy some team building time together. The children loved eating “gringo” food: our boys slurped down spaghetti and our girls enjoyed homemade mini pizzas.

They also helped to paint and set up a play therapy room in the small orange house used as our computer resource area, tutoring and now play therapy. Gary, our director likes to call this home the “T” Cottage: Tutoring, Therapy and Tareas (the Spanish word for homework). With new intakes and many younger children, the new play therapy room will be getting plenty of use.

But not only did they pour their all into our children, staff and programs, they reached out to the community in which we live by taking water filters to some of our neighbors who did not receive them during our last medical campaign. They visited homes of many of the widows who live on the backside of our farm and assembled the filters, showed them how to use them and care for them…all the while watching as faces lit up to the clean water that poured out. Oh, the things we take for granted!

We are thankful for those who pour into the ministry that allows us to in turn pour into children and families here in El Salvador. Help us give a big shout out to the GlobalX Be Rich team for loving so well!