Our hope at La Casa is that children experience the saying, “Love runs in families.” The children we serve come from hard pasts, difficult pasts that have left a lasting mark on their lives, their hearts and souls. And no, we do not see ourselves as stepping in and being their everything, really only God can do that. But we do see ourselves as stepping up to the calling to provide a secure place and the grace that is needed to move forward on the journey toward healing….both for the child and their biological family.

Each of our homes is staffed with a houseparent couple who embrace a small group of children to be part of THEIR family for whatever period of time deemed by the courts. We seek to provide a loving, safe environment for the child to live, grow and heal. We feel like family is that place.

This past week, we celebrated Mother’s Day around the world. It can be a very hard day for the children we serve as their pasts, their emotions and the present all collide. A place where pain and joy intertwine. But our house moms have been there to give grace where grace is needed….grace to the child hurting, grace to the child who has shut it all out, and grace to their families. They are there to hold hands and hearts.

We want to celebrate our house moms and significant role they play in the lives of the children they have opened their arms wide to hold. Would you join us in praying for them and cheering them on with comments of affirmation? If you are reading this, leave a comment below that would encourage. Our moms are pretty amazing!