We had the privilege of hosting a CMDA (Christian Medical and Dental Association) team this past week. We always look forward to their visit each Spring and watching how God works during their time with us. They love the children and families we serve; they love our neighbors. Along with local physicians and dentists, they help to provide annual physicals for our children and those in the community along with vitamins, parasite medicines, pain relievers and other medications that may be needed. They provide dental services, and they provide basic eye exams and fitting for reading and distant glasses. They meet needs.

Over the past few years, there has been conversation around the patterns they see each year as they care for our neighbors in the community. Two of the most frequent issues are headaches due to dehydration and upsets stomachs due to parasites. Both of these have their roots in the lack of clean water. Running water has been brought to the community. Some actually to their homes; others walk a shorter distance to access faucets. But the water is not filtered or treated. It is not safe for drinking.

This year, several on the team decided it was time to address this issue. They raised money to purchase and bring down 50 water filters. Some of our local volunteers purchased buckets to be able to assemble the filters. Families in the community were identified who had the greatest need. They came for  training and were given water filters that would allow their families to drink clean water. Oh the joy of what we often take for granted!